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If you feel unwell on the day of your appointment, please phone us.

  • Please note, we are currently unable to accept new patients.

  • Do you need a skin check? If you have a suspicious mole, it can be checked, then later removed by any of the doctors.

  • Micro-suction Ear Cleaning.

  • Covid boosters are available to everyone over the age of 12. You should wait for 6 months after your last injection OR infection before having your booster.

  • Cervical Screening Tests are available every Friday fortnight with  Dr Meredith Webb. CSTs replace PAP tests, and only need to be done every 5 years. Self collection is now available. Please phone for an appointment with Dr Webb.

  • TML pathology is open for blood collection from 8.45 to 1.15 every morning.
    No appointment needed, but phone to check availability if you are traveling
    a long distance- bring your blood form.

  • Physiotherapist every Monday

  • Dietitian Wednesday once a month

  • Podiatrist every Thursday


For more information about Tasmania's response to COVID-19, click here.

Skin checks available. Phone for an appointment


Anti-viral medications are available on prescription,
and (if needed) should be taken as soon as possible after testing positive for Covid-19.
These can prevent severe illness and are available to anyone aged over 70; and anyone under 70 with risk factors.You will need a phone appointment with your GP to get the prescription.

If you are ill with Covid, you may need the Covid@home package. Enroll online or phone  1800 973 363. The COVID@homeplus service provides remote healthcare in the home for vulnerable patients with COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses such as Influenza (flu) or flu-like illness.


Sore throat, hoarse throat, cough, headache, runny nose, blocked nose, muscle aches, tiredness,new loss of taste or smell, fever or chills, ear ache, nausea, diarrhoea, rash, covid toes.


difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
chest pain or pressure

difficulty speaking or moving, confusion

difficulty staying awake.

Covid symptoms can persist for many months after the initial infection. This 'Long Covid' can affect up to 10% of infected people.
Telephone appointments are available with your doctor as needed.


The Launceston Respiratory Clinic  can assist with chest colds, influenza, pneumonia and COVID-19.

ph 6310 8310  237 Wellington Street


Car parking is available behind the surgery and pharmacy.

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(closed for lunch  daily from 1:00 to 2:00pm)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


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